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A Letter from the Superintendent to the Trojan Nation

Congratulations to those of you who made your way south to enjoy sun and warmth this spring break.  For those of us still here in Fruitport, the snow is blowing like it is mid-January.  This crazy weather will certainly give me pause when I consider what I am going to do for spring break next year!

While you have been away on spring break, the State of Michigan released a new school ranking system.  The system is very complex in how schools are ranked.  You can go to MLive Link for a MLive article that contains a brief explanation of how the rankings were determined. 

I am proud to share that Fruitport Community Schools did very well.  Of the total 65 school buildings ranked in Muskegon County, our rankings were as follows: 

School Building Rank Per Category # of Schools/Category Rank out of 65 Schools
Beach  1st 29 1st
FHS 3rd 11 8th
Shettler 10th 29 16th
Edgewood 14th 29 22nd
FMS 7th 11 38th




Clearly, we have much to celebrate with the success of our schools.  Thanks to all of you, your students, and our fine staff for this level of excellence.  Between the high school project and our continued academic growth, we are certainly becoming the beacon of educational excellence on the lakeshore!!

A reminder that state testing begins upon our return from spring break.  So with that, enjoy the remainder of spring break and for those of you who went out of town, have safe travels on your way home.


Bob Szymoniak, Superintendent